this is me committing to running… again

Rainbow Run. I’m for real doing it this time. No messing around. I was sad last year when I saw everyone walking around with their run numbers pinned to their shirt, so this year I’m getting one.

Mama needs to get back to the gym, but it’s too nice right now to waste time inside a giant room smelled like sweat and dirty shoes, so I’m taking up the Couch to 5K again… for the second time. And I’m just going non-existent balls to the wall and doing it outside.

Attention neighbors: sorry.

Everybody else: if you have a free evening and want to chase me, that might help.



  1. Fuck to the yes. I started running again last night after far too many months away from any sort of working out. Knocked out 2 miles (slowly), but still pretty pleased.

    Also, have I mentioned that I am glad my new employer doesn’t block your site like my old employer did?

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