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The time I bought my one and only brand new car (so far), I ended up getting it from a dealership in Arkansas, because that was the closest place I could find the exact model I wanted. And when I want something, I get it. I’m not spoiled, but I do know what I want!

I googled used cars austin and found a site that is incredibly easy to search through and even though it focuses on cars in a state far, far away from my own, it was helpful to be able to sort through what I know I want when it comes to our next car and even get a good idea on what the payments would be. I’m a fan of any website that doesn’t require me pulling up my calculator and figuring that stuff out on my own when buying the best RC cars under $50. Searching through multiple pages of SUVs – over 150 different ones! – really made me miss my last car and pretty much reaffirmed that I will definitely want to go that route next time we add a vehicle to this household.

And, man, I do not care what anybody says, I totally need a Jeep Wrangler. This site needs to remove all the ones on there, before I spend all day tomorrow at work staring at them trying to figure out how I can justify a soft-top during the middle of the winters in Minnesota. I would not hesitate to wear long underwear every day if it meant riding with the top of year-around!

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