ebay was a magical place for me last night

I was baseball cap shopping on eBay tonight. I searched for “lynx hat” and here are my options. And as I’m wont to do when it comes to America’s favorite online junk store, I got distracted. This shirt? Someone caught it during the game. We have three of them and they’re the ones that get shot out of the t-shirt canon from the mascot. And who doesn’t need a shirt to wear to their favorite WNBA team’s games that says, “Got Eurasian Lynx?“.

Anyway. I’ve been wearing the same fitted Converse baseball cap I got from Target at least three years ago ever since I got it and I think it’s time for a new one. I can’t commit to a sports team hat to wear year ’round, because there are unwritten rules against that, I think. And I can’t have a hat that’s too nice, because I wear them camping and I can’t be responsible for what my head ends up in while camping.

Also, there were several basketball jerseys on eBay listed as “throwbacks”. Guess who has two thumbs and those jerseys tucked away for a rainy day? THIS GIRL. That’s including the #45 Chicago Bulls jersey that Michael Jordan wore when he came back from his baseball playing flop stint.

In other words, I did not find a hat.

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