a normal occurrence with a 14 year old

I wake up. I come downstairs to let Riley out and realize the front door is standing wide open. I close it and go about my business before Riley gets too impatient. I bring him back in and while standing at the top of the basement stairs, the following conversation takes place:

Me: Kid? (Only I say his actual name.)

Me: Kid?

Me: Kid?

Kid: Oh. Yeah?

Me: Any idea why the front door is wide open?

Kid: I saw that. I’m not sure.

Me: You saw it?

Kid: Yeah, earlier when I went to the bathroom.

Me: Did you think about shutting it?

Me: Hello?

Kid: I was too sleepy.

Me: Awesome.

No clue how long the front door was open. I closed it and locked it when I went to bed last night. None of us were murdered as we slept and it seems that our personal belongings are all where they normally are. I’m hoping our living room couch provided a warm bed for someone to sleep on, I guess?

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