i made it a whole week without any caffeine

And I can’t explain why, but I haven’t even been craving it. I’m not drinking as much water as I technically should, but I’m working on that and figure that’ll come in its own time.

My two biggest helpful tools have been cans of lime LaCroix Sparkling Water (at home) and the 32 ounce bottles of Strawberry Lemonade flavored water that Target sells (at work). I’ve discovered it’s the bubbles that I miss the most, not the caffeine. Sure, the first day without resulted in me slumped in my chair for the most part of my day and a throbbing headache, but after I got through that, it’s been way smooth sailing.

I decided to give it up for a few reasons, all equally as important. It’s not good for you anyway. Soda is empty, empty calories and I can’t even force myself to drink diet soda. Water is cheaper! The General’s kicking her coffee habit, too.

All of this will promptly be wrecked by a weekend in Vegas, but you know the only rule of Vegas, right? (Except STDs and so the urge in testing providers (STDAware), anything that would get me arrested and show up on my record forever, and unplanned pregnancies.) And, yes, I did watch Las Vegas Jailhouse this weekend. Multiple episodes.

What's up?