why this gay is tired of the glitter bombing

Mitt Romney was in Minnesota today and what happens? He gets glitter bombed. We made that prediction this morning before he even got to town.

I’m so over throwing glitter at politicians. Okay, it hilarious when the glitter came out of a cheez it box at Newt Gingrich. We all got our chuckle when anyone with the name Bachmann gets a pile of glitter thrown at them. Although, wouldn’t a bag of wrenches be even more hilarious?

Gay, listen. Can we try something else? The glitter bombing is tired. Do something really annoying. But one stupid piece of glitter on someone’s cheek, so they spend the whole day with it on there and don’t notice it until the end of the day. That right there is embarassing.

I mean, if we’re going to make a stand or prove a point, can we try doing it with something really crazy, like words? Or even signs? I mean, YAY, you dumped your kid’s art project leftovers on Republican candidates for president. But who does that prove a point to? If you’re trying to win over the supporters of those candidates, you’re failing. It’s not funny to them and it just makes gays look like a bunch of immature brats. That’s not going to get us what we want, you know?

Think about it. I’d like a raise at work. I’m not going to bust into my boss’s office throwing confetti in her general direction while there are hundreds of people standing around. That’s not how things get done. Can we try harder, please?


  1. Chaely

    I agree – it was funny the first one or two times, but now it just reinforces the idea that gay people are basically the irresponsible, screwing, partying hippies of our time. I don’t see these glitter bombing acts as a way of opening a dialogue as much as it’s a way to infuriate the people who are already overly concerned with who is sticking what into whom.

    It’s a slippery slope because I understand that there are people out there who feel as though LGBTQ people have something to prove & I don’t know exactly what that is or how it can be done, but these acts of glitter terrorism prove absolutely nothing. Can’t we bomb politicians with stories of thriving gay adoptive parents or something??

  2. K

    Interestingly, the guy who does it is straight. I know him – his name is Nick.

    I think the idea is to bring attention to the issue – but its important to do that with clear intention.

    According to social research, social movements work best when they use creative tactics that get media attention – in that regard it is helpful… but it can’t stop there – it has to clearly promote change, which it isn’t doing.

    You should really let Nick know how you feel.

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