i've pimped many cubes in my cubeworking days

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I've covered them in aluminum foil. I've used tape to block the entire opening and filled it with trash. I've helped completely switch two cubes when their cube-dwellers were out of town at the same time. I've also filled them with balloons. I'm crafty like that.

There's a Pimp My Cube Contest that's a little bit different. These folks want you to take a video of your really horrible and boring cube. Maybe it's all the same color with no chance of seeing daylight unless you jump two feet in the air. (That was my last job.) Or maybe you have a monitor that weighs 42 pounds and a phone that still has a rotary dial. You'll need to narrate your video, especially in the event that you have to explain that your cube is right next to the lunch room and someone burns popcorn every day at 2pm on the dot. You can't record that kind of smell, man. I don't know. Maybe it has blood on the walls, like this guy's:

Make a video. Upload it. Tell all your friends and family and co-workers to vote for it. You could win some serious prizes. Prize packages are worth up to $1200! The contest period is from 12/5/11 at noon to 1/31/12 at noon. Don't miss out!

I don't have a cube now. I sit in a giant room of 8 desks. I'd pimp that whole room if I could.

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