the things i do for the kid #2908

Okay, first off – I’m not saying I go above and beyond for this kid and should be rewarded for it. I do what parents do and that’s my job. So don’t get crazy.

Secondly, the point. The Kid has had an interest in manga, this Japanese comic book type thingy, and has been reading them (parent-approved, of course) over the past several years, even before I met him. I took him to Dollar Tree for some ridiculous reason a couple of weeks ago and we started trolling through the book section. I told him he could get one book, mainly since I was buying one. He found Rock and Roll Love, which I let him buy. It was a dollar. If The General, who was at home, wouldn’t approve of it, we could have pitched it and/or set it on fire.

I’ve been reading my Dollar Tree purchase, Don’t Let The Lipstick Fool You, which is Lisa Leslie’s autobiography but I didn’t feel like it last night. I figured I’d try to pick up some of this Rock and Roll Love nonsense and see if maybe it’s something we could have in common. Well, sorry, little guy, we do not.

Manga is kind of the dumbest thing I’ve ever read in my life. Now, granted this book was for kids 10 and up, but holy cow. I read probably 30 pages of it thinking just MAYBE I’d be able to get into it and the only thing I got into was a ball of rage for continuing to look at this book full of pictures of people that all looked the same.

Now, this morning, I’m complaining about it to his mom. And she tells me that the only reason he’s reading it is because his new girlfriend (YES, GIRLFRIEND) likes manga. It takes a lot off my shoulders to realize he’s reading crap for someone else and now I don’t have to read it, too.

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  1. Lindsay Buck

    Come on Wendy… it’s an asian comic book and you say that the characters all look the same? Too easy… ha ha ha

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