moving wasn’t one of our new year’s resolutions

Our major plan in 2012 was to add a baby to our family. After we go to Las Vegas, of course. We want to be responsible parents after all. And that’s still on the agenda, of course, but we’re going to be moving before that happens. Our super fantastic landlord is moving back to Minneapolis and since, you know, she owns the house we live in, she wants to move back into it. Makes sense to me, right?

We’ve come up with our list of “deep down must-haves”: two bedrooms, allows Riley and Marshall, onsite laundry, shower, fenced in backyard, on a bus  line, in Minneapolis. And we have a list of “in a perfect situation”: two stories (we’ve enjoyed being able to give The Kid his own space, not only in his room but on another floor), garage, den/office/spare bedroom, within five miles of downtown, dishwasher, central air. Oh, and the postal office change of address, right.

I’m sure I’m forgetting something, but we’ve only had about 36 hours to think about it and we’ve plowed through those seven stages of grief. We’re currently on stage six: reconstruction and working through. But, you know, I guess you need something like this to keep you on your toes. We’ve driven through a couple of neighborhoods already that we weren’t super familiar with to make sure we liked the area. We’re about to get out our Minnaepolis neighborhood map to cross off the places we’d rather not live. Craigslist is already becoming our BFF. So, yeah, we’ll figure it out for sure, but we might be sad until we find somewhere to live. I think that’s a natural response, though.


  1. Kassie

    Check out It uses Google Maps on top of Craigslist and lets you put in more search criteria. It is pretty great.

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