#resound11 – prompt 8: catch phrase

What’s your trademark phrase? Not sure? How about a quote or saying that you repeat often? Bonus points if it’s new for 2011, but we won’t be upset if it’s been around longer than that. Try to put it in context for us if it’s a little abstract.

I have a billion catchphrases, none of which make any sense to most people and that’s okay.

For The Boy, I use “Dude, c’mon” or “Hey, Jojo”. The General hears a lot of “Hey, honey?” and the cat hears “Mess with the bull and you’re going to get the horns, buddy”. I enjoy using catchphrases like “Suck it”, “Pass”, and “How much pay?” at work. When driving, I tend to frequently blurt things out like “Dick Bag”, which has now been changed to “Richard Satchel” in an attempt to curb my swearing in front of an impressionable 14 year old. There’s the classic “Deez  nuts” and I can’t stop using “whatevs”, even though I hate it when other people do it.

If I had to pick one catch phrase, it would totally be: “I’M WENDY AND I’M AWWWWWWWWESOME”.  And I’d have my faux hawk while saying that, of course. Possibly a championship belt, too.

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