riding through this world, all alone

We started watching Sons of Anarchy this year on Instant Netflix, because we’d heard so many people go on and on about it. If you’ve seen the show, you’ll know how easy it was for us to get sucked into it and not want to turn it off. Now that this season has ended (don’t worry, I’m not spoiling anything for anybody!), I think we’ll manage to go through some major withdrawal of Jax/Clay/Peg Bundy drama. Except for Juice. I might miss him most of all.

And speaking of the boys in SAMCRO, I just found out that The General has changed ring tones on her cell phone… To what you ask? The theme songs of SOA, of course. I’m probably going to get a little sad when someone calls and it’s not a new episode firing up. Now that The General has making free ringtones down pat, I might actually turn my phone off of vibrate. There’s nothing I hate more than hearing a phone ring in Target and watching fourteen other people check their pockets just to make sure it isn’t theirs. I’m pretty sure three people in my office of eight have the same ringtone on their iPhone.

I need some originality in my life. Like the theme song to Survivor or Fraggle Rock blasting out of my Android. Know what I mean?

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