#resound11 – prompt: one word

2011 in one word for me is recommitment.

I’ve recommitted recently to getting myself back on track healthwise.

This summer, The General and I had a pretty big falling out and, yeah, it was scary, but what I pulled away from it was that I feel even more committed to our relationship than ever before. I’m recommitted to our family: The General, The Kid, and the potential unborn fetus that may happen.

I’ve become more committed to my job. I think I’d let things get bored and stagnant and I was feeling uncomfortable in what I was doing. It took shaking things up a bit at work for me to really find myself back in a role where my confidence was appropriate and my success had/has unlimited growth.

I’m being more careful about committing myself to things, but I don’t want to become the person that says they’re going to do something and then poops the bed on that, letting down everyone else involved.

And finally, I’m more committed to my mental health. People sometimes forget that’s just as important as working on toning your hot bod. I don’t want to forget that anymore.

I’m giving this a try to see if I can actually come back here 31 days in a row and blog. If history is accurate, this’ll last all of four days. All these prompts will be courtesy of #resound11. Until I get angry about one and then I’ll hopefully be able to prompt myself. 

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