this would be me right about now

This weekend was much busier than I’d expected it to be. We were kidless and apparently took advantage of it. The weekend went a little something like this:

Friday: Work, dinner (I may like salmon now), shopping, more working, sleeping.

Saturday: Laundry, working, coffee, dog park with Ani and Shawn, shopping again (mainly for awesome xmas presents), hockey game at the frat bar on campus with Jenni and Cindi.

Sunday: Church, shopping again (seriously, we are not shoppers!), catching on the DVR (specifically Survivor), napping, dinner at Brasa with Ani and Shawn, more DVR-catching up, early bed time for me.

And now I feel like Riley looks in this picture. I can’t even keep my head up.

Tonight, Washington, our 14 week old foster kitten who’s taken to nursing on my ear in the middle of the night, is having her adoption finalized, packing up her bags and moving out. Sorry, kitten, the milk in my ear-teet is all dried up. Please try someone else’s now.

Happy Monday!

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