i’m sure mrs. piatt would have coldcocked me

And if someone types Mrs. Piatt and coldcock into Google and finds this site, all my lifelong dreams will come true.

More to the point, had I ever called my 11th and 12th grade math teacher (Mrs. Piatt) by her first name, I can almost guarantee you should have thrown that overhead project in my general direction. She got mad enough when I tried to lie to her and tell her I didn’t have a middle name, so I can’t imagine what would have happened had I taken the liberty of calling her Linda. I don’t even think my 10th grade English teacher had a first name. Rumor around school was that she was reincarnated from a horse, or so she believed, so she probably didn’t need a first name.

The Kid and I were on the way home today and he started talking about school. I asked him who his favorite teachers were. He responded with Justin and Shane (not their real names) and I was like, “Wait, what?” And then I remembered that it’s 2011 and kids call their teachers by their first names! He did it last year, too. He called all of his teachers by their first name (at their request) with the exception of his hateful arts teacher and the two male teachers he had. Turns out, he’s been calling his teachers by their first name since first grade.

Is this the thing now? I mean, I have friends that are teachers, but they’re Mrs. This or Ms. That. Even my bestie from back in the day, who ended marrying into the last name Dick, had her students call her by her last name. Is it a big city thing? Newer teachers trying to be more liberal and friendly? What the heck is that all about?


  1. Lindsay Buck

    I had a few teachers who went by nicknames, but they were usually variations of their last names (“Mr. A”, “Fole-dogg”, “Levinsk” (short for… Levinski)… but first name? No way. I went to a small private grade school and my parents became friends with most of the teachers over the years–after 8th grade when I would see them in social situations, they would insist that I call them by their first names. I could never do it.

    I don’t think I would like being called Miss Buck (I get uncomfortable enough when people call me “maam”) but I do think it’s adorable when a big class of kindergardeners says (really slowly) “GOOOOOD MOOOORNNNNNINGGGG MIISSSSSESSSSS MILLLLLLERRRRRRRR!” (which was my Kindergarden teacher’s name)

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