family time at the punkin patch

Late Friday night, The General and I were discussing our Punkin Patch plans for Saturday morning. We’d got the OK from The Kid that it’d still be fun, even at the age of 14, so we were trying to shake out something fun. My requirements (a corn pit and corn dogs) were not placed very high on the scale of requirements (and for good reason, I’m sure), and we tried to fit in The Kid’s wishlist (corn maze) and The General’s (a petting zoo). I would have also picked pony rides, but apparently that’s just for kids. We decided on Apple Jack Orchards. Quick review: Two thumbs up. A++++. Would do business with again. (I rank everything in my life just like I do Ebay feedback.)

We navigated the corn maze somewhat successfully:

Corn Maze at Apple Jack Orchards

Lost in the corn maze.

Children of the Corn (Maze)

Me and The Kid

And then we poked around until we found 89 pounds of pumpkins that we needed. Mind you, only three of them have been carved at this point.

That's 89 pounds of pumpkin.

It’s not obvious The Kid was tired of pictures at this point, is it? He better get used to it, because this little trip just got turned into a family tradition. I don’t care if he is over six feet tall next year. He’s still getting in that damn wagon for a picture. (I rule at parenting, no?)

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