so i want my lynx championship gear, right?

But that might be a little trickier than I’d hoped and I think it’s getting me a little riled up.

In case you’ve been under a rock, my favorite WNBA team won the Championship last week. I’m obviously beyond thrilled about that and wanted to procure some championship gear. I don’t know what. Maybe a shirt or a hat or whatever. Something to be like, “Hey, aMinnesotasports team was actually AWESOME for once in the last 20 years! And it was a lady team, too!” Female and 612 Pride? YES, PLEASE.

The Minnesota Lynx tweeted recently that the store in the skyway that’s attached to the Target Center (where the Lynx play) is opening back up and will be open until 5pm today, so fans can get their championship accoutrement. And then it’s closed for the day.

I, perhaps feeling a little annoyed, because once again the WNBA is getting the shaft on availability to fans (see TV schedules, lack of merchandise anywhere, etc.), I responded with this: “And then what? It’s closed until next season and we don’t get any other chance to get championship gear?”

To explain a little bit, this store that everything is available at is a joke. It’s only open during the NBA season, and I’ve only ever seen it open before and after Timberwolves games. Well, right now, and for the past few years, the Timberwolves have looked like my 7th grade basketball team (Go, Sedalia Middle School Wildcats!) and they’re also on strike, so couldn’t the Lynx/Timberwolves organization as a whole use some more income somehow? You know, by selling merchandise that belongs to a winning team? (A winning team that doesn’t have criminal rap sheets, by the way.)

This morning, the Lynx tweet back to tell me that I “Can always buy on”.  Yeah? Really? The internet, you say? What’s that?

I mean, I don’t expect the WNBA to ever be as readily available on TV or in stores or whatever, but considering we just won the f’ing championship, had 15,000 people in the stands during the finals, and had close to that many people milling about downtown during the championship parade, you’d think maybe we’d try to encourage this recent growth and take advantage of something that could bring a heck of a lot of awareness to the team, to the league, and to any and all female athletes.

I can’t help but be annoyed as a fan and a little bit offended as a woman.

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    We were in that store after the rally on Tuesday. When we first got in, someone asked the manager if they’d be ordering any more gear, to which he responded “I don’t see why we would.”


    Enough people asked him that same question in the 25 minutes we were in there that he had changed his tune to “I’ll be talking to the team tonight.”

    At a bare minimum, they better order a whole bunch of shit to have prominently on sale for the home opener next summer.

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