reconnecting the kiddo

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The Kid's been taking the bus (the city bus here, folks!) just about every day after school to come to my work. He keeps track of his bus card and is getting really darn good at it. He usually gets to my work a few minutes after 4pm, which would be ideal if I were one of those douchers that watched the clock and bolted out the door the second it was time to go. I'm not. And so we're thinking it might be easy for me to text him when he gets out of school to give him an idea of where I'm at on finishing up with work, etc. Good idea, right? So, that means we need to fire up his cell phone plan again.

The Android on Straight Talk might be our best bet. I'm pretty sure this 14 year old will need to have something that at least looks cool and there are definitely some of those options, the same options we've seen at our local wireless shops. Those local wireless shops require contracts and more money than we really want to spend on a fickle-minded teenage, if you know what I mean. So, awesome selection of fancy phones? Check. Rates that don't make me cry or think twice about? Check there, too. (Some plans are half of what we'd have to pay if we added him to our current plan!)

Since we're not huge fans of him having web access on his phone, limited data might be right up our alley. I don't care what he does with his minutes: Call a friend, order pizza, check the bus routes. Doesn't matter. I know the kid and he'll only talk for 1000 minutes (in a row) if you're in person. This might be our shot to get him on the train of a new phone, makes sure he's excited about it and becoming just as responsible about it as he has been his bus card. I think we can reel him in on it. Hook, line and sinker.

And then he can in commercials just like this one:

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