yes, i’m still doing this 101 things in 1001 days thing

I just forget to check things off my list. Oddly enough, that happens in my daily life, too. Weird, right?

I’m only to 19/101. I should probably get a little more serious about this! The whole list is here.

19.  Go to a women’s sporting event that’s not the WNBA. Thanks to Groupon! Managed to find myself on the field during halftime attempting to kick a field goal. I did not succeed.
21. Go to a soccer game. Thanks to Groupon, we went to go see the NSC Minnesota Stars this summer.
53. Spend more than $20 on a haircut. Major let down. In fact, The General’s been cutting my hair the last couple of times, and it looks just the same, if not better.
55. Get a pedicure. Most feminine thing I’ve ever done in my life, aside from getting my period, and I’m not going to lie. I’d totally do it again.
57. Take part in some type of teeth whitening process. Use a do it your home jobber and think I burnt my mouth. I only made it through half the treatment before wussing out, but I’m still calling it done.
99. Complete Lake Street Photo Project with Jenni. This turned into something I’d do every weekend. There were photographs and meat raffles involved and I still haven’t edited the pictures yet.

11. Watch the sunrise from somewhere I can photograph it. I work at 7am now. So, this one should not be as majestic and tricky as I may have thought it would.
12. Learn to pee outside while camping without peeing on myself. I really wanted to this year over Labor Day, but I could not make myself do it. I’m hoping there’s a community ed class for this.
15. Make a list of 12 local restaurants I want to visit and make plans to try each of them. (10/12) I went to the Barrio Truck and the World Street Kitchen. Trucks count as restaurants, right? And I go to One on One Bicycle Studio & Go Coffee for lunch all the time now at work now that I know it even exists.


  1. Melissa

    Meat raffles! That is one of the many, many reasons that I’m sure that my move back to Wisconsin was a wise one. I don’t know about Sedalia, but there were zero meat raffles in the Columbia, Missouri area!

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