upcoming family road trip plan

Earlier this summer, I realized I hadn’t been back to Missouri since Christmas of 2010. I tried making plans over the 4th of July weekend, but that didn’t work out due to work obligations. Then, I got a card from my grandma at the beginning of September, which happens at the beginning of every month. This particular card said she was homesick to see me. So, you’re darn skippy that I planned a trip back to Missouri faster than I’ve planned any trip back to Missouri. So, now from 10/5-10/10, the we will be in the Sedalia, MO/Belleville, IL area.

Our schedule thus far is as follows:
10/5: Leaving work directly following a staff meeting to visit my friends I-35 and Iowa for the first time this year.
10/6: Visiting my grandparents, my aunt and uncle, and anyone else I can cram into one day.
10/7: More visiting during the day, perhaps getting new tires, attending a high school homecoming football game and then driving midway through MO.
10/8: Visit the Arch when it opens, head to Belleville for an all day, city wide Chili Cookoff.
10/9: City Museum. All. Day. Long.
10/10: Heading back to the 612.

And I’m back to the point where our vacation will need a daggum* vacation.

*I can’t stop saying daggum lately and I’m not sure why.

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