for the first time since 2005

I’m up past 10:00PM the night before the Twin Cities 3 Day starts. I haven’t been up this late the night before The 3 Day since 2004. Around this time for the past six years, I’d be trying to force myself to sleep knowing I had to be somewhere way before the sun came up the next morning, hoping to get a good night’s sleep before walking 60 miles or up and crewing for 15 hours straight each day.

Through The 3 Day, I’ve met hundreds, maybe even thousands, of people that have individually changed my life in some way or another. I’ve been dehydrated, had blisters the size of golf balls, needed IVs from urgent care, wore a walking cast for two months, had chafing in areas I don’t feel comfortable discussing publicly, shaved my head, broken traffic laws just to pick up tired walkers, had the police yell at me, drank so many energy drinks my pee was neon colored, and through it all have managed to raise over $15,000 to try to help find a cure for breast cancer. I’m okay with taking this year off. Sort of.

Keep an eye out on the 2011 Twin Cities 3-Day Pink Carpet. We’ll be updating it all weekend.

Seabreast, out.

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  1. I seriously woke up at 5:30 without an alarm and I was like “OH CRAP, I’M LATE”. But I wasn’t. I am having an energy drink for breakfast, though. I felt obligated to.

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