today i’m disappointed in twin cities pride

As someone of the homosexual variety, there’s a lot of stuff going down in Minnesota that will effect my future. Most importantly, voters will have the opportunity to vote on whether or not civil marriage will be limited to straight people. (You can read more here.) Everyone gets to vote for that, right? All of the hundreds of thousands of people who will flock to Minneapolis next week to celebrate Pride will have a say in that, which is awesome. But the other hundreds of thousands of people who think gays are an abomination and do nothing but think about sex and try to spread gay around the world, they get to vote, too.

(Awkward segue.)

Today happens to the Twin Cities Pride Family Picnic, which is sponsored by awesome companies like Cub Foods and US Bank. Families get to meet in the park and have a huge barbecue that could roast the perfect turkey. They have a ton of activities for kids. There’s softball, games, etc. All of it’s free and it’s a fantastic way to have families, gay or otherwise, meet new people that clearly have the same beliefs, etc. as them. I’ve never been, because it’s usually on Father’s Day, and The Kid is with his dad, and we do our own thing. But from everything I’ve ever heard, it’s just a fantastic event.

And today, I see this tweet:

And I think to myself, “Well, that’s nice. Let me click on that picture and see what nice things are happening at the Pride Picnic today.”

This is apparently what’s happening at the Pride Picnic today:

REALLY? Out of all the things taking place at a family picnic, the Twin Cities Pride organization decides this would be the most appropriate photo to share to all of its followers? There weren’t any families there having lunch or kids running around playing games or some massive softball game going on? A phallic picture of a hot dog is the best you can get? I’m angry/disappointed that an organization I value as highly as Twin Cities Pride would allow this to happen.

You would think the uphill battle we have to face in the next 1.5 years would be in the front of their minds right now. Images like this, especially when linked directly to the Twin Cities Pride organization, are exactly the fuel anti-gay people need to convince people to vote for a ban on gay marriage. It takes what little credibility gays have with narrow minded people and flushes it down the drain. We try hard enough to convince people that gays just aren’t sex-obsessed weirdos that have a master plan to make all the world gay and things like this don’t help.

Try next time, whoever’s in charge of the Twin Cities Pride Twitter account. Maybe I’m being way too conservative and old fashioned about something like this, but it’s just adding fuel to a fire that doesn’t need any help right now.

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