after three years

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The General and I just celebrated three years of domestic bliss this past weekend. We celebrated by having burgers and going to see a play in downtown Minneapolis, followed by a trip the casino, and we sealed the deal with some garden supply shopping on Sunday. It was a super fun weekend and we planned it all on our own.

However, if there are some of you that need some tips on keeping your relationship fresh, I've got the place for you. has all the advice you could think of and more. Lots, lots more. Even better? There's videos from Dr. Sheldon Hawkes, of CSI: NY, talking about his ideas of how to have "conversation parties". While something like that wouldn't go over so well with any parties I might be throwing, I can see how it might be beneficial to those folks who just like to sit around and look at each other.

We don't really tend to have a lot of relationship questions that we can't figure out on our own. Our biggest battle is she's severely allergic to onions to the point of her throat closing up if she eats one and I really love Mexican food and drink salsa out of a jar. We're not quite to the point of needing external advice, but by all means, I'm more than happy to give anyone else advice. (Feeling troubled? Post about it in the comments, anonymously of course, and I'll be sure to give you a whole new perspective!)

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