long overdue 101 things update

An long overdue update that puts me at 14 things done out of 101, with plenty still in progress. I love this list!

15. Make a list of 12 local restaurants I want to visit and make plans to try each of them. (7/12)
Cork’s Irish Pub: I’d won a Wild jersey from them a few months ago and noticed when was there, they had trivia during the week. We went there during a week of trivia and it’s a super cute place!

19. Go to a women’s sporting event that’s not the WNBA.
I bought a Groupon to go see the Minnesota Machine this summer, so I’ll tick this one off the list!

22. Bowl a 200.
222! I bowled a dang 222. The closest I’ve come since is 168. Probably a fluke, but a fluke I’ll take!

26. Take The Kid to play mini golf.
For my 33rd birthday, we went to the Mall of America and played there. Super cute course and he’s not too bad when he’s paying attention to what he’s doing!

30. Obtain a professional certificate of any kind.
I’m now a Certified Temporary Staffing Specialist, according to the very large certificate I have on my desk from the National Association of Personnel Services.

35. Go one week without eating any meat.
We have veggie burgers in the ‘fridge and have been eating a ton of black beans. With some advice from The General and Jenni, I think I’ll be able to do this one without dying.

42. Volunteer for something at The Kid’s school.
Who put together the spelling list for this year’s Spelling Bee? THIS GIRL.

44. Join a gym.
DONE. We’ve been going to the Brooklyn Center Community Center for about 7 weeks and I love it. Can’t imagine going a couple of days without dropping by and seeing my friends there.

45. Go without caffeine for 30 days.
F. I may have done this and not paid attention. However, I’m back on the caffeine wagon.

46. Lose 75 pounds. (25/75)
I’ve lost up to 30, but saw another 5 creep up on me when I started drinking pop quite a bit again.

48. Order new glasses.
Two pair of new glasses, even! I’m not quite used to wearing them all the time, but it’s nice to not have to squint when I’m looking at a spreadsheet in P&L meetings.

51. Complete the Couch to 5K program.
I’m almost halfway through this bad boy and surprise myself every day I do it.

83. Register for a school to finish at least an Associate’s Degree.
I’ve applied and been accepted into a community college. I’m waiting for them to look over my transcript from State Fair Community College (go, Roadrunners!) to find out what I have left to take.

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