it’s the first of the month

April 1 means a few things.

1. One of my clients pranked me today. She called to tell me three of my employees didn’t come back from their lunch break. I’m not sure how I didn’t drop an f-bomb to her over the phone, but my employees were in on it, too. Sneaky bastards.

2. Today marks the start of 30 days of biking! I managed to take a quick 2.33 mile jaunt from our house, down the parkway, to the closest swimming pool and library and back before it got too dark. I can tell I’ve been hitting the gym for the past 6 weeks, because when I first hopped on a bike last fall, I thought I was going to fall down after one mile. I only wish I was kidding.

3. I’mma try this blogging every day for a month thing again. Don’t be surprised if you don’t see me blog again until the 19th of something.

4. We just finished a family game of Life, where I elected not to go to college and wound up as a police officer, only to get fired and then find a career as an “Entertainer” where the girl on the card was CLEARLY a stripper. The Kid won, because he’d chosen to go to college and became a doctor. And also sued my pants off twice. But now he thinks he won because he went to college. Oh, game of Life, you moral-teaching bastard.

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