my work in progress

Here’s a line graph demonstrating what I’ve been busting my hump for… since July 2010:

Clearly it’s not going very fast. But then again, it wasn’t like I made just one trip through the drive thru line at Taco Bell and ended up gaining all of these 75 (for now) pounds I’m trying to lose, right?

The big spike as over the holidays; the awesome dip to -30 pounds was a couple of weeks ago. I’m pretty sure I can attribute to gains to things like forgetting to buy groceries for a while or eating out more than a couple of days in a row. I’ve really been struggling to get back down to that -30 point. I’m hoping a trip to the grocery store this week and continuing to work through the Couch to 5K program will be a good combination to get me back down there again.

Fact: It’s awesome when your pants start to fall down. It’s not awesome when that takes place in public.

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