i have been challenged

One of my favorite bloggers in the entire universe (Jodi) recently posted a list of all of the words she looked up in the dictionary in 2010 (or something – I’d look to refresh my memory, but it seems my work firewall has deemed iwilldare.com inappropriate):

Now, rest assured, I’ve never seen porn there, but I’m not going to try to convince my IT guys that.

The challenge is this: use each of those words on her list in a blog post. This will not be an easy task. My vocabulary, which honestly isn’t all that shabby, usually contains more swear words than multi-syllable words. I have always been ensorcelled* by new words, so I’m hoping this challenge will give me some new ones to use around a certain 13 year old who likes to use big words.

Very similar to my days of newspaper sportswriting, where my boss at the time would challenge me to use a specific word in an article (why, yes, Sedalia, when you read the word kibosh in an article about high school soccer several years ago, that was totally a dare.), I’m sure this will be enjoyable by everyone!

*One down.

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