the beginning of 2011

A lot of it has been in the bathroom. We opted to stay at home to ring in the New Year last night and I’m glad we did. I’d been feeling a little achy throughout the day, but it wasn’t until shortly before New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys performed in Times Square that the massive chills and fever kicked in. If it wouldn’t been for the nightmares I had about Dick Clark stroking out in the middle of the countdown, I would have thought I’d hallucinated the entire thing.

NEVERTHELESS. I’ve had two pieces of toast today and I’m starving, but by the noises my stomach is making, eating anything else would be ill-advised.

I have a few resolutions I’m planning on trying to stick to, but like with a few other of my super nerdy friends, my main goal is to knock some more things off my 101 things in 1001 days list. I updated the list yesterday. (See list here.) I realized I’m 7.9% through the list. I’m chalking that up to having 93 New Year’s resolutions, plus a few more I need to has out just as soon as my stomach stops making noises I can hear over the first season of Dexter.

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