i’m never done shopping

Or at least looking at things to buy once I have a boatload of expendable income, so basically just as soon as my WNBA contract gets finalized. My agent’s having a bit of trouble with the details – like I don’t have to run and I need sugar-free Amp instead of Gatorade during timeouts.

So in the meantime, I’ve become a fan of several coupon sites, most recently? http://www.couponchief.com. They’re not all that different from any of the other sites out there that offer coupon codes to places all over the web. And trust me, anytime I’m ordering online I’ve looked at for sure 5 billion coupon sites, if not more. What can I say? Mama really, really likes a deal. (And also likes referring to herself as Mama.)

My favorite option for this particular site is the way they have things categorized. My personal favorite? The matchmaking coupons. Discount online dating? SCORE. Just kidding. My actual favorite category that I haven’t seen anywhere else are the Etsy coupons. I don’t ever need encouraged to buy something off Etsy, but if I can save 10% on shipping? Even better.

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