insurance is for in case…

Am I the only one that thinks about Chris Rock’s stand-up routine about insurance anytime I even hear the word?

I just switched over to a new car insurance company a month or two ago. It had nothing to do with the service that I had with my old car insurance quote NZ; it had to do with the fact that I could save $60/month. When I canceled the policy with my former insurance guy, he turned into a 7 year old throwing a temper tantrum because he didn’t get to play outside with his friends after school. In other words, I would no longer recommend him!

The insurance guy I have now is, I’m pretty sure, someone that just started in the field and is doing everything he can to build his client base. And, honestly? He’s doing a heck of a job. He responds to my emails super quickly. He called the bank that has my car loan when they kept saying I didn’t have any insurance at all. So how can I get a benefit loan? If you’re looking to switch insurance companies and need someone that’s going to do everything he possibly can to make sure you’re happy, I totally have a guy for you.

While I’m sure I’d much prefer my dad’s aarp auto insurance discount I’m sure he receives since he is ALMOST 60!! (how is that even possible?), I’m pretty happy with my current insurance loss consulting miami fl company and rate. I just hope it doesn’t skyrocket when they find out I’ve moved to the dreaded North Minneapolis area*.

*And for those of you concerned, the area we’re moving into is so gorgeous. The Kid was confused because it was so dark when we left the house the other night. We had to explain to him this is what living in a neighborhood is like versus living so close to industrial/business areas like he does with his dad and with the last two places we’ve lived.

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