more 101 things!

I’ve been doing more than just updating this list, but, man. Updating is so HARD. Especially when I can do it directly from my phone and everything! Sigh. But look at all this progress! Somehow I’ve only finished 7 out of the 101. That might mean I’m behind.

1. Find a new therapist. I thought I had this one taken care of and then I went to my appointment. And now I call this therapist Dr. Bag-Of-Dicks. She talked more than I did and just kinda gave me the creeps. I need to cancel my upcoming appointment with her, because she is definitely not for me.

13.  Watch all 82 movies that have won Best Picture Oscars. (16/82) I just spent the last 15 minutes adding all of the ones I hadn’t seen to my Netflix queue. I guess I’ll have to take a break from watching all three seasons of Arrested Development and spend some time watching those if I’m going to finish that up.

15.  Make a list of 12 local restaurants I want to visit and make plans to try each of them. (6/12)
  • moto-i: This was our fundraising dinner for The 3 Day! Moto-i donated the dinner to us and it was absolutely fantastic. So glad to try a new place with a ton of new food, all in honor of a fantastic cause.
  • Stabby’s: Spur of the moment brunch plans. We both fell in love with the atmosphere and the biscuits and gravy. So delicious.
  • The Burger Place: In the skyway in downtown Minneapolis. The IT Guys go here all the time and I finally had to try it. I’ll definitely go back, because I do love me some burgers!

22.  Bowl a 200. Bowling league has started back up again. I hit a 165 the second week of bowling. But consistency is not exactly my strength in bowling.

41.  Be on the board of a non-profit. My new fancy title of Volunteer Coordinator with Pet Project Rescue has also come with a seat on the board. WIN.

46. Lose 75 pounds. (12/75)

71.  Move into a house or a bigger duplex.Moving will commence November 6th.Giant truck secured. Moving email to be sent shortly. Housewarming party to come.

85. Make a list of books everyone else read in high school, but I didn’t. (0/10 — I had to limit it at 10.)

  • Scarlet Letter
  • 1984
  • Huckleberry Finn
  • The Great Gatsby
  • Animal Farm
  • Catch 22
  • Robinson Crusoe
  • Gulliver’s Travels
  • Slaugherhouse Five
  • The Diary of Anne Franke

94. Build something from IKEA hacks. Done! I turned two Lack tables into one that’s more appropriate in height and can also hold our printer without looking weird. I’m pretty happy with it. (Inspiration here.)


  1. Chaely

    Do yourself a favor & just bang out Slaughterhouse-5 & 1984. One is about war & aliens and the other is about Facebook privacy breeches before Facebook even existed.

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