i wanted to hulk smash t-mobile

Last week, I realized I could order a cell phone through Amazon Wireless, save $75 more than if I ordered it through T-Mobile, and have free two day delivery. Okay, SOLD. My new phone will be here on Monday.

The General wasn’t eligible for the full upgrade discount, not for another six months, so taking advantage of the Amazon Wireless thing wasn’t going to work. And, c’mon, you know there’s no way one of us can have a new phone and the other one wait six months to get one.  We checked online and found a price of X. Thinking it was reasonable enough, especially for a new phone that is much, much, much smarter than our current craptastic BlackBerry Flips, we decided to bite the bullet and go ahead and get it. Off to the T-Mobile store we went.

Back tracking just a bit, we’ve been to multiple T-Mobile stores in the last three months attempting to upgrade our phones. Sometimes we’re told we’re not eligible for any upgrades at all. Sometimes, we talk with someone on T-Mobile’s Support Chat and get some information, only to be told that information is not correct when we actually step foot into a T-Mobile store. Sometimes I call and talk to someone on the phone, just in case my written communication skills via chat are a little hard to understand; usually I get the same answer just to confirm.

So today was it. We were going to go into the store, with all of the information we’d gained over the past few weeks and get a phone. The General was deciding between two different phones and we were all set to walk out the door with whichever one seemed to fit her needs the most. After some browsing, we finally got a chance to talk to a sales rep, who was incredibly helpful in explaining the differences between the two phones and letting us actually see how they work, instead of just hold the non-functioning store display in our hand. We were sold and he went off to check the prices. Oddly enough, they were at least $50 more if we bought them in the store.

I called T-Mobile later in the evening to find out if they could just place the order over the phone for me since I wasn’t going to be home until later and I knew The General’s patience was already wearing thin. He tells me he can, but it’s going to be, once again, at least $50 more than what it is online. I asked him why that was. And you know what his answer was? “Well, when you’re in a store or on the phone, you’re taking up peoples time, so it’s cheaper if you just do it online”.

Really? REALLY? As much as it pained me to do so, I refrained from profanity and just hung up on him. When we got home later that night, I ordered the phone, because really, we’re stuck for another two years anyway. We might as well have the phones we like.

But now, you can be so rest assured that I’ll never look on T-Mobile’s website again. My plan is to call them about everything. I just want to make sure I’m getting my money’s worth by “taking up peoples time”.

(Dear Ass, if it weren’t for customers calling, YOU WOULDN’T HAVE A JOB. Think on that little nugget for a while.)

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  1. Reminds me of the time a lady called my office & I answered the main line. She kept apologizing for “calling today” and I finally asked wth she was talking about & it turns out one of my coworkers told her ITS NOT A GOOD IDEA TO CALL US ON MONDAYS. She claimed it was a joke but the lady didn’t seem to think so. I don’t understand how she didn’t get fired for that.

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