yep the 3 day is over

I have pictures and stories and more pictures and more stories about The 3 Day this weekend. I told The General tonight that I’m pretty sure I’d have story after story after story to share. So I might.
For now, I present with you a list of how I’m finally realizing I’m no longer cruising my 12 passenger sweep van around the side streets of Minneapolis/St. Paul and a whole bunch of suburbs in between:
  1. Gatorade straight out of the bottle seems way to sweet compared to the watered down version of it you get during The 3 Day.
  2. I can do a U-Turn in an intersection without having to swing way out, run over a curb, or turn it into a five point turn.
  3. I have to actually think about where I’ll be getting three meals a day and all the snacks I could possibly want.
  4. Pedestrians aren’t as happy to see me when I drive by.
  5. If a tire blows, there’s no AAA. I have to grab the wrench I bought from TheCarStarter, grab the spare tire out of the back – and spend 2 hours embarrassing myself on the side of the road.
  6. I can’t just pull my car into any parking spot and leave it there while I go to the bathroom.
  7. There’s nobody wearing an orange shirt at an intersection letting me cut in front of other traffic.
  8. When I stop my car at an intersection, I don’t fill it up with ladies wearing pink and then tell the five other ladies that need a ride that I’ll radio into Command and send someone their way.
  9. I’m not worrying about foam cutout fish flying off the side of my car while I go down the freeway.
  10. I don’t have to get concerned if someone I drive by doesn’t give me a thumbs up signal.
  11. Asking people that get in my car if they have to pee hasn’t been going over so well.
  12. My co-workers aren’t driving Budget trucks full of ice, wearing a pirate hat while helping direct traffic, wrapping up blisters with athletic tape or spending the whole day on Nextel radios trying to make sure everyone is in the right place at the right time.
  13. When I get close to something while backing up, my car doesn’t beep at me over and over.


  1. My list would include:

    When I walk into a bathroom I don’t have to look at the ceiling because I don’t want to look “down there”.

    Making my own graham cracker PB&J’s doesn’t have the same impact because I can’t unwrap them.

    I don’t get high fives when I walk through my office.

    When I walk by a crowd on the street I don’t get impromptu cheers as I go by.

    My supervisor isn’t as cool as my sweep team captains (just sayin’).

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