cheap auto insurance would be great

On the way back from the cabin yesterday, we talked about car insurance for female drivers for a minute or two. It was probably because we passed a billboard with an awesome looking insurance agent on it, if I had to guess. I’ve never had cheap auto insurance. First, I was under 25. Then, I had a few wrecks. Now, it’s been four years since any accidents or moving violations and I have zero points on my license or against my license or however that works.

I pay $160/month for car insurance and renters insurance. That seems like an awful lot when I’m 32 years old, drive a station wagon type car with 4 cylinders, and don’t so much have a parking ticket on my record right now. And finally, last night, I realized that I actually am to the point of qualifying for cheap auto insurance, so I googled… that’s right, cheap auto insurance. That site alone had some places that I checked out.

Last night, I typed my name and address and the number of miles my commute is each day to work, I thought my hands were going to follow up. They ranged anywhere from $464/month (YES, I’M SERIOUS) to $108/month. The latter? That’s what I’m talking about.

I feel a little on the bad sad cancelling my current insurance, but c’mon. If I can save fifty bucks a month just by leaving the same insurance guy I’ve had for the past six years, I’ll probably do. And only feel bad about it for about 10 minutes when I realized I’d have all that extra money for things like blow.

I think I’ve checked everywhere I can possibly think of. But if anyone has an in on someone in the insurance world, I’d be more than happy to talk to them about rates. I know it’s a commission-based industry and I’m all about saving $50/month AND helping someone make some more commission if it works out that way!

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