not as picky as i could be

We’re in the beginning phases of a lot of things right now when it comes to our future, but the main thing right now is looking at moving from the duplex we’re in now to a single family home. The reasons are endless.

We have a list of “demands”, as we’re calling it:

  • Two bedrooms.
  • Shower (our current place only has a tub)
  • Washer/dryer onsite

Yeah, we’re not picky. Personally, I’d like to demand three bedrooms, but I haven’t convinced The General that’s a must have right now. Give me time.

Now our “dang, that’d be nice list”:

  • Central air or efficient air conditioning units of some kind
  • Fenced in yard
  • Storage (basement, garage, whatever

See? Not all that picky at all.

In a perfect world, when I get a 200% raise, we’re going to be living in a 3 bedroom house (complete with finished basement), two car garage, a Butler named Jeeves, In-Ground Swimming Pool, Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink, Stoves, ‘Fridge, you name it. Everything that can shine will shine and Jeeves will make sure it happens. Or else.

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I might get carried away. I’m pretty sure I couldn’t tell the difference between Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks and the kind we have now, which is probably something fashioned out of spare car parts that were found on the side of the road, if I know our landlord well enough.

So basically, I’m down for a landlord that’s version of a basement is one that doesn’t smell like mold and consistently have a quarter inch of water standing in at all times, 2-3 bedrooms that are the size we’re currently accustomed to (quite large!), and a backyard that doesn’t look like patches of dirt the second we move in. I’d also prefer a roof. And electrical wiring that allows The General to use a blow dryer.


  1. A good argument for a third bedroom is an office/doula studying room. Art and I are definitely glad we went for the extra room.

  2. With your dogs, a fenced in yard should be moved to your must list. I’m just sayin’.

    Also? A third bedroom is key. Guests or office, or whathaveyou.

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