we don’t even have a family photo album

We were supposed to get a new foster puppy tonight. He was a 3 month old pit bull hanging out in “pit row” at animal control. You know what happens to any single animal back in “pit row”? Euthanasia. No exception. Unless a rescue organization (like the one we volunteer for) saves them. Luckily, there were multiple orgs just waiting to get this guy out, so he went to another home, which I have no doubt will take fantastic care of him. And it leaves us foster dog free for a while!

The General and I were just talking the other day about some of the different ideas we have for various photo albums we want to put together, including one photo album just for all of the foster dogs we’ve had.

Oh, yeah. It’s nerd. And we’re so okay with that it’s not even funny. We’ve had 24 different foster animals and we’re starting to lose track of when we had them, and how long we had them. Want me to top off the nerdiness? No problem. I even started a Google Calendar, so we could remember when exactly they started living with us and when they moved along to their forever home.

It’d probably be a good idea to start one for our family, too. You know, in case it grows or something.

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