this makes fostering easy

When we tell people we foster dogs for Pet Project Rescue, everyone always asks how we do it. Don’t you get attached? Isn’t it hard? How do you not want to keep them all?

1. Sure, we get attached.
2. Yeah, it’s a little bit hard, but so is remembering to drink 8 glasses of water every day.
3. We already have 2 80+ pound boxers and live in the second story of a duplex. Anymore legs in that amount of space and we’d straight up kill each other slowly.

Here’s the thing. When you agree to foster animals, you know it’s just going to be something you do temporarily. You’re just sort of a long term babysitter. You spend a few weeks or a few months teaching this puppy or dog how he or she can function in a family with other dogs or sometimes even function living indoors.

Blanche is going to a new home this afternoon/evening and, to be honest, she’s the one I think we’re both going to miss quite a bit.

She's awake!

I mean, how could you not miss that face??

Her new family, though, is what makes it all worth it. They’re a younger couple that just bought a new house, specifically because it has a big backyard. They already have a 1.5 year old Pembroke Corgi who is sweet as can be and it’s just obvious the both love him. She wanted a Daschsund, he wanted a Pit Bull and they ran across Blanche on Petfinder. They thought she was perfect. And then the idea of having Blanche move on just got a whole lot easier.

Riley also agreed this morning when she was chewing on his elbow skin.

If fostering dogs doesn’t happen to be your thing, I’d highly suggest kittens. There are constantly litters of kittens just sitting at animal control, having been found in a box or running under someone’s porch, just waiting to be adopted. If nobody adopts them and we don’t have enough foster homes to rescue them, I don’t really know what happens to them. And I don’t want to think about it, because those little guys are freakin’ cute.

Just think about fostering. That’s my point. I’m wordy. Check out Pet Project Rescue’s website for more details to find out how you can help.

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