i could be a trojan too

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I don’t have a degree in anything but Being Awesome, which is not something that’s just obtained overnight and also requires much more continuing education than any other degree you could have. Take that, doctors and lawyers.

But it’s no secret that I really want to get a degree. (Remember how it’s on my list of 101 things to do in 1001 days?) I’m not picky really and would be happy with an Associates for now. I’m just finding it super hard to navigate my schedule, balancing my freelance work, family and friends time and all that good stuff. I have a pretty good feeling any of my further education is going to have to primarily be online and I’m okay with that. It’s where I met most of my closest friends, wound up with The General, rented my current duplex and sold a camcorder. Why not use it for school, too?

I figure doing it online is going to help me not fall asleep in class (done that), not want to throw things at the back of the head of the person in front of me because they’re a moron (done that), or skip class because I really want to go to a baseball/basketball game (done that, too).

I love that anymore, you pretty much have your choice of places to take online classes. It’s not just restricted to these nationwide badboys. The idea that a place as large and USC has their program information available online? I could take classes from the same place as Will Ferrell, John Ritter and O.J. Simpson. If only I could get a group picture of with all of them!

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