we survived the weekend

‘Round about Friday morning, The General and I decided to challenge ourselves to a weekend without cable or internet. This could be a long story, but I’m just going to tell you it was not easy at all. The idea of not having to pay ridiculous fees to watch TV and send some damn emails from home is super appealing, but then we decided we rely on the internet WAY too much and that just wasn’t happening.

We kept ourselves busy, though!

Friday, we grabbed a quick dinner at the Industrial and then went to the Twins game with Desi and Becky for Lavender’s Out in the Stands thing. The General and I spent the last few innings just wondering around the field, because I’ve only really been there in my work suite before. We stared over the bullpen way too long and I’m pretty sure we freaked Jon Rauch out. Whoever was sitting next to him just refused to wave back at me and that makes me a little sad, unknown Twins relief pitcher! Twins won, making my Target field record 2-1.

Saturday, we slept WAY in and it was awesome. Then we went to the Lynx game, sitting two rows from the court, thanks to Suzi and Pat, and saw a great game. The Lynx lost by two and played a full game for once.

Yesterday was an adoption event for Blanche, where only 3 people came to see her. If someone doesn’t adopt her soon, we’ll likely cry. And then we went to Sonic, because we’re obsessed with slushies.

And that’s my wild and crazy and internet-less weekend. As luck would have it, our cable model is no longer working. Oh, the irony.

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