measuring pupillary distance is easy!

Along with about 2908 other things I did while home in Missouri, my brother measured my pupillary distance. It’s not as hard as it sounds really. It took a ruler and about 15 seconds.Pupillary distance, by the way, isn’t as dirty as one would think. It’s just measuring the distance between the centers of your pupils. I highly recommend asking someone like my brother to do it, who’s the kind of guy that will measure something 563 times just to make sure it’s right.

Several months ago, my little bro started ordering every pair of eyeglasses that would even remotely fit his melon from Zenni Optical. I’m pretty sure he has a around 9 pair, which include some argyle ones and a pair he wears just when he goes to art gallery openings (along with a newsboy cap) that he says makes him look artsy.

This morning, since I woke up a whole two minutes before the alarm went off, I ran across a couple of articles/message boards that talk about how professionals in the optical world are refusing to give out or measure the pupillary distance so people can order glasses online. I guess I get that, since it’s definitely losing money for them. I’m just concerned that it will cause people to be discouraged about being able to order glasses online and they shouldn’t have to deal with that. The internet is all about saving money, right?

And mainly I just like saying pupillary distance. Pupillary.

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