booty cruise = lady fight

KDWB’s annual ladies-only Booty Cruise got a little catty this year on the St. Croix River. Police were called to the boat in Stillwater Thursday night after a fight broke out between a bunch of the booty-shaking women in attendance… Five women were cited for disorderly conduct, but no one was arrested. Witnesses said some ladies had cuts and bruises, but nothing more serious. (via City Pages)

First off, hey, it’s called a Booty Cruise. If five disorderly conducts are all that come from that type of thing, color me impressed. If booty pop cream had a cruise it would look like this. I have an inkling of an idea that there may have been some other various diseases passed along, but that’s just me being judgmental after looking at the pictures. Be warned. I’m not looking at them, but my boss did — they’re not so much work appropriate unless your work gives a thumbs up to pictures involving womens legs thrown up in the air with a oiled up man wearing a cowboy hat rubbing his junk all over her.

Second off, what, if anything at all, is attractive or enticing about being stuck on a boat in the middle of a river with a bunch of screaming women that have all won tickets to a boat full of strippers by calling into a radio station?

This is my favorite quote from one article:

A representative of the boat’s operating company said the fight was “something about a shoe” but had no other details. (via PiPress)


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