advantage #540

Here’s the cool thing about having a kid. Or, you know, a step-ish kid.

He got an iPod Touch for his birthday, which he plays with in some fashion from the time he wakes up until the time he goes to bed, with at least one or two battery charges throughout the day. We downloaded a Connect Four app that we can both use at the same time and play each other. Never mind we have the same game in tangible format in our game cabinet. This is obviously way cooler.

We just played a game with high stakes. Loser has to take a load of laundry down. Now, I won. Naturally. My grandpa never let me win at checkers, even when I was five years old, and that’s one thing I’ll never forget. Granted, he’s 13 and probably has the ability to beat me at Connect Four, but I’ve been training for a long time. Since fourth grade to be exact.

In my days at Horace Mann Elementary School, if the weather was inclement in any fashion (rain, snow, heat, etc.), we would have recess indoors. Sometimes it meant in the gym, sometimes it meant in the classroom. When we were stuck in the classroom, we played board games. I regularly challenged my art teacher (who was later fired, but I can’t remember for the life of me way, although I’m pretty sure it had something to do with looking down girls shirts and finding booze in his desk drawer) to Connect Four and made it my mission to slaughter him regularly. Quite a lofty goal for a 9/10 year old, but one I achieved after a lot of practice.

Eventually, the weather cleared up and we got to resume recess outside. I don’t think the art teacher held any hard feelings for me, because he never sent me to the principal’s office when I beat people up. We clearly must have bonded.

In 45 minutes, after the load of laundry is ready to be swapped out, we’re having a rematch. Little does The Kid know he’s going to be doing laundry All. Night. Long.

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