i got yer ladies night right here, steve

I decided to take a break from my Friday night Facebook Family Feud playing to catch up on the news. And by catch up on the new, I mean read everyone else’s Facebook status. This is my Friday night! And I’m okay with that!

Steve Horner, a guy who used to live in the Twin Cities, is in the news for trying to get a ban put on Ladies Nights at varying bars around the area. Why? Because he’s a douche. That’s the short answer.

He was living last summer in North Mankato when friends alerted him to an article listing dozens of ladies’ nights in the Twin Cities. He randomly called five bars from the list and asked if he could get their ladies’ night discounts. Each said no. He filed complaints. (via StarTrib)

This isn’t the first time he’s done it. In the 90s, he filed a suit against a now defunct bar at the Mall of America and got a few thousand bucks off the deal. The same dude also filed a suit against the Hooters at the Mall of America when they wouldn’t hire him as a server. AT HOOTERS.  You know want to see? This dude in a Hooters uniform:

I’d gladly tip him… just as long as he was as nice as the Hooters servers and didn’t mind when other dudes threw things on the floor for him to bend over and pick up.

Here’s the thing about this guy. In the reports he files in Minnesota and Colorado, which is where he apparently lives now, he says things like “she was nothing more than a bitch with balls” about his past attorneys and has called a Denver judge a “pussy-whipped farthead“. In trials, he’s compared himself to people like Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr.

Tweed Jacket Jackson here has pending lawsuits against five bars in the Twin Cities that are currently being reviewed by the Minnesota Department of Human Rights, all because these bars (none of which I’d step foot in without running the risk of getting roofied) wouldn’t serve him whatever the ladies night special was.

I can’t speak for all the dudes I know, but I’m going to go out on a limb here. Dudes will gladly pay full cover or full price at the bar to see three or four scantily clad ladies all drinking something called a Train Wreck out of the same glass – with some bendy straws, of course – that they ended up getting for half price just because they have boobs. Ladies Night, I’m pretty sure, is equally if not more entertaining for the guys than it is the women that flock to the bars for cheap drinks.

In conclusion, Steve Horner is a farthead.*

*Why don’t we say farthead more often?

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