bieber and his bouncing bangs

After touring what will be The Kid’s school’s new location next year, The General and I dropped him off at home (with a healthy dinner of McDonald’s) and headed out for dinner. We ended up meeting up with Matt and Jenni and helped the finish up with Trivia. It’s good we showed up when we did, because they had to identify 8 pictures of people that had Bieber-esque hair. Who has two thumbs and knew everyone of them? That’d be me. The four of us ended up winning first place and reeled in a whopping $25 grand prize.

Tomorrow’s full of The Kid’s end of the school year picnic and celebrating his birthday with a friend of his. Per his request, he wants to go to Chipotle and then to see Iron Man 2. That’s the kinda birthday party I can stand behind. Saturday is full of 3 Day meetings and Sunday is Hugo’s first adoption day and a couple of hours I have to put into work.

Sometimes, I seriously don’t know where the time goes. At all.

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