the obligatory 32nd birthday wrapup

My birthday was a success, which isn’t a surprise, because they always seem to be.

I worked, because why not? When I got in, the boys in my department (we’re a huge department of four – two boys, two girls – also we’re 50% gay) had decorated my desk with ribbon curls and Christmas cards. They apparently needed help from our Controller to learn how to curl ribbon. When the remaining person on our team got here at 9, she was armed with frosted sugar cookies and gummy bears. And then I left work at 2:30. WIN.

I picked up birthday Chipotle on the way home for the family. At home, The General gave me my birthday present, which ended up being a very awesome compass necklace. I’d been wanting a necklace for a while, but hadn’t ever seen anything I was dying to have. The one The General picked out is perfect. 

Then we headed to Club Jager, which as 2-for-1s from 4-8 during the week for some birthday celebration. Jenni and Matt met us there, where we sat outside for a while before conducting a board meeting in a very adorable back room. Shortly after we finished a couple of 2-for-1 rounds, we decided to head to bowling an hour early to grab dinner and, you know, drinks. 

And we ate and drank and bowled. Jenni made multi-tiered brownie for my birthday, complete with a Hannah Montana Christmas ornament as decoration. Matt, who bowls in a different league on Thursdays, was there for a while and Katie, who’s way pregnant!!, stopped by for a little while. So, it ended up being like a birthday party I didn’t even plan.

I bowled like a horse’s ass and my NCAA tournament bracket also looks like a horse’s ass, but turning 32? It was pretty awesome. 


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