I get those Twitters forwarded over and Facebook messages posted all the day long about about Amber Alerts involving a billion different kids all being kidnapped by the same Buick Skylark, and for the most part, they’re all spam. Don’t get me wrong, because I seriously think the Amber Alert thing is fantastic and anytime I see the information flashing on an overhead sign, I’m all about tracking that person down. For real!

You know what they have now? Lost Pet Amber Alert. I rolled my eyes at first, but after reading the details at, I’m kind of impressed! While Riley and Kentucky are both mircochipped and have never been left unsupervised outside in their whole life kind of eliminating the need for us to invest in it, I can see how other outside dogs might become a very sad Lost Dog and need something like this to get them home!

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  1. When my roommates dog ran away while he was being puppysat @ his mom’s house, we used and while that’s not how we ended up finding him (he was on the run for 12 days near Detroit!) I really felt like it was a helpful site. Nobody should have to feel like they’re never going to find their pet again.

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