the failed to do list weekend

I really did have the best intentions to accomplish a list of this weekend and, boy, did I fail. I did manage to finish some freelance work and that was it for Friday’s list. The Saints winning the Super Bowl will put an extra $25 in my pocket, so it ended up being somewhat of a profitable weekend.

I downloaded the SparkPeople app for my iPod Touch (whose name is Eddie Danger) and now I’m nearly obsessed with it. It wasn’t until Thursday night at bowling when I added up 1000+ calories that I had drank that day alone. Holy balls, right?

I had half a can of Dr. Pepper yesterday and nothing but a can of sugar free Red Bull today. Yesterday’s 6 hour headache from caffeine withdrawl had me second guessing my decision to kick pop to the curb, but 10 calories for sugar free Red Bull? That is a big hell yeah.

What's up?