shoe bargain for the win

This weekend, I make it a small mission to find The Kid some tennis shoes. He’s been wearing Converse high top LED shoes for a few months now, and they’re starting to fall apart, probably due to a combination of being on a 12 year old boy’s feet and being made of cloth. So, The General and I headed to Marshall’s, because I know he wears a size 7 in Adidas and I know there’s a certain pair of Adidas that he likes. (See? He’s taking after his Wendy in good ways, too, and not just the cussing and inappropriate language.)

They didn’t have the shoes that he liked, but you know what they did have? Shoes for me.

Funny how that works, isn’t it?

What’s really crazy is that Amazon is selling the same shoes that I got for TWENTY BUCKS for $64.99. You can’t ever go wrong with $20 sneakers.

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