hey, i was washing that

There once was a lovely couple that lived in Northeast Minneapolis. They were in love with their quaint little duplex, because it was basically perfect for their family of three plus an assortment of pets. And then all of a sudden the landlord turned into a little bit of a d-bag. For a while, he was incredibly hands off and that was okay, because all was well in the duplex. Then, once this winter rolled around and the lovely couple had lived there for a year, it became apparent the landlord was one of those guys who started things and never finished them. Like the two holes in the front stairwell that were drilled in November of ’08 as an attempt to get rid of some squirrels that were living inside the house. It’s classy.

The lovely couple signed a lease in Jan ’09, making it up for expiration this month, and there’s been no talk or notice from the landlord about extending it. They haven’t quite decided if that’s a good thing or a bad thing yet. And while they have no desire to go through the whole moving process again for a very long time, they might not hesitate to start lining up some moving help if things continue the way they have this past week.

Earlier this week, the landlord showed up to install some storm windows because the City of Minneapolis told him he had to after a recent inspection. He didn’t tell the lovely couple he was coming, so there were dogs running rampant and an ungrateful and giant jerk-wad of a house guest (don’t worry, that’s another post) that he found himself in the middle of. Today, the dark-haired half of the lovely couple decided to do some laundry. The first load went through the washer and into the dryer without too much of a hiccup. Upon going down to switch the second load from the washer to the dryer, she noticed something rather odd. The washing machine was unplugged, in the middle of the basement, and half taken apart, with a basket of wet clothes sitting on top of the dryer. Um, what? Makes things a little difficult to catch up on the week’s laundry with no way to wash clothes. Wouldn’t be that big of a deal except for whole no notice thing.

The lovely couple is in no mood to negotiate any kind of a new lease with the current landlord or spend anytime looking for somewhere new to live, so an email was fired off asking if he had any clue when that might be fixed. If the landlord decides to write back, a new lease is going to be discussed then, because that’s just going to make everyone happier.

In the meantime, if anyone has a nice three bedroom house in Minneapolis they’d like to just hand over to this lovely couple, rest assured, the lovely couple would be very grateful and totally have you over for dinner all the time.

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