foster dog #9

Merlyn our latest foster dog
Merlyn, our latest foster dog (photo via PPR)

Meet Merlyn, the latest foster dog we welcomed into our home yesterday through Pet Project Rescue. Since April of 2009 when we started fostering, we’ve had two foster kitten (Colby and Fletcher) and nine foster dogs (Peeka, River, Ruby, Eddie, Elsa, Adolfo, Gypsy, Cosme and now Merlyn). I think. I hope I’m not forgetting anyone.

Every one of them has new homes now, homes that don’t include fighting for food on a Mexican street or sitting inside the Minneapolis Animal Control building just a couple days away from being put to sleep.

When we started fostering, I wasn’t sure how easy it was going to be to let the dogs go after they’d stayed with us for a while. And, really, Eddie the Chihuahua is the only one I’d struggled with. I don’t know what it was about that little leg humper (he also humped Riley’s head regularly), but knowing that he’s now in a home that spoils him rotten makes things 100% okay.

Right now, Merlyn’s laying on the bed, on his back, smashed against Riley’s hip. He’s forgotten all about his plane ride from Cancun to Minneapolis a couple of weeks ago. All he knows is this living in a house thing kind of rocks.

I bought Riley from a breeder and while I wouldn’t go back and change that at all, I know I’ll never do that again. There are way too many dogs and puppies (and cats) that need homes to pass up. Plus, all the cool kids are adopted!

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