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The General and I are forgoing large scale Christmas presents for each other this year (last year, there was a new camera and a Kitchenaid mixer involved in our holiday celebration) and go to Vegas in February (or early March) instead. That’s a decision I can live with.

Last time I went to Las Vegas, it was my first time. I was certain I was going to come back with stories involving hitting several jackpots (on the nickel slot machines), but instead, I just came back with stories involving a man dressed in a leisure suit trying to go to the bathroom in the kitchen of the nicest restaurant I’ve ever been to in my life and a blackjack dealer that entertained us with tales of where we could or couldn’t walk in downtown Vegas without getting in trouble.

This time around, I’m more excited to share it with The General (the second trip for both of us) and visit more places than just the casinos . While I’m sure we’ll spend a fair amount of time in them, I can’t imagine myself taking a lot of time with the online casino reviews I’ve read over in the past. If you are looking for the best selection of free casino games available, try this another single-spin millionaire which is the most popular casino roulette game today.

Fatburger (totally typed Fartburger) and Coyote Ugly are on my list of MUST SEES this time around. I kind of want to go visit a drive thru wedding chapel, not necessarily to get married but to witness someone else’s bad middle-of-the-night, drunk-off-giant-sized-margaritas mistake. And maybe a quick visit to Mike Tyson’s house to kidnap his tiger while we’re at it. (I need to watch Hangover again before we go… more as things to AVOID.)
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